(In the meantime, I’ve been focused on my quilling, since it is ideal for a situation that lacks internet or electricity. I started a blog for it.)


Timestamp: 1404860160

Quiet until further notice.

To explain my silence for the past month, I am currently separated from my animals. I should be with them again soon, but that still leaves me in an isolated trailer in the woods without internet, electricity, or running water. I will try and take some pictures while I am out in the woods with them and occasionally post when I come to town, but we’ll see.

June 2014.

The only thing you really need in an emergency.

Timestamp: 1401755400

Monocentropus balfouri sling.
May 2014.

Mark today down as one of the best days of my life.

Timestamp: 1401477164

Behr has just been shipped off to his new owner, and they’ve shipped the M. balfouri sling. :)

Aphonopelma hentzi sling.
May 2014.

So as not to exclude them!

Timestamp: 1400975078

Avicularia versicolor sling.
May 2014.

The stork paid me a visit this morning, and he delivered BABIES. All three Avicularia versicolor slings and the Aphonopelma hentzi sling are in fine condition and safely and successfully housed. It has been so long since I have had baby babies, that they were smaller than I was expecting! Such baby babies.

Timestamp: 1400957084

Preparing some enclosures.
May 2014.
The three Avicularia versicolors arrive tomorrow! As well as the one Aphonopelma hentzi.

Timestamp: 1400889196


Jill’s (first) tarantula. Tumbleweed, Grammostola pulchripes.
August 2011.

She resembles a kitten, or a puppy. It’s either or at this point.

Jillian and Tumbleweed had their third annual presentation for preschoolers this morning. Jill also decided to let the class keep Tumbleweed’s only molt for display, saying “As sentimental it is to me, it is better off inspiring a sense of wonder to who knows how many children.

Timestamp: 1400882640

May 2014.

After two weeks in my care and nearly constant solitude, there has been little to no noticeable improvement in Taunt’s behavior. She is still a very nervous individual and readily shows signs of stress. Even when it is possible to prod her out of her enclosure without much resistance, she will soon huddle her legs against her, find a small place to hide, or begin to act very flighty. She will spend most of her time undisturbed, with the exception of maintenance and care, until or unless things improve.

The upside is that when she was offered her first meal in my care, she took it without hesitation. Considering the change of environment, her tendency to stress, and her being a G. rosea, this was a very positive thing.

Timestamp: 1400716685


Eve with Creech.
August 2011. 

Timestamp: 1400700436

The person with the A. versicolors couldn’t ship out today - perfectly fine,  I can’t imagine getting upset with them for circumstances beyond their control - so they offered a 1” Aphonopelma hentzi sling to compensate for the additional wait. They were adorably apologetic, trying to offer jumping spiders or asking if I was sure that I didn’t want a P. irminia, then messaging me again to offer the A. hentzi. I tried to assure them that I wasn’t distraught about it at all, and just to ship whenever they could. I did accept the offer for the A. hentzi sling and said that I thoroughly appreciated the gesture.

(I’d always happily wait an extra day if it meant getting an extra tarantula.)


Deumore and myself.
June 2011. 

"Deumore" > "Deux" "Amor"
Referring to a tarantula’s double heartbeat.

Excited to have little blue babies again.

Timestamp: 1400616519