Tarantula pancake by request of arachnophiliacs

Thank you, griddlemethis, for the phenomenal pancake!

This blog is absolutely fantastic and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I think that I’ve mentioned them to almost all of my closest friends at this point? Since this suggestion was so appropriate for my blog, I feel compelled to reblog it and let you all know about it.

They are wonderful and their work is so delightful!

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The gift to end all gifts.

I acknowledge that this is unrelated to my blog, and I understand if anyone happens to unfollow me. However, this is the most important gift that I have ever received, and Tumblr was the catalyst for it.

BlackSeaFoam reblogged a post a month ago, while I was visiting Jillian, advertising wing wraps that someone had crafted. I was absolutely infatuated with the wraps, and wanted one so dearly. They were far out of my budget for such a thing, and they were also sold out. I reluctantly accepted that I would likely never have one.

Jillian had wanted to record the gift-giving last night, the first night of her visit. I’d been nervous and anxious about this, since reactions to gifts are something that I’ve always had trouble with. I usually have a better appreciation of something once I have had the chance to quietly look it over in solitude, and become familiar with it. There was such importance placed on what she was going to give me, that I was afraid that my reaction might be a disappointment.

She’d hardly been able to contain herself since she first got the idea and began working on it. She would endlessly gush about how much she knew that I would love it, and how excited she was about it, and how badly she wanted to show me. She was so confident that I would love it, that it intimidated me, heh.

I was so nervous last night, as I was holding the bag in my hand that contained the gift. I made faces and whined like a puppy. I couldn’t think of what it could possibly be. Jillian was staring so expectantly at me. I finally worked up the nerve to put a hand in and hold it. I knew that it was cloth, but what could it be? I couldn’t think of any piece of clothing that I would love as much as she was expecting me to. I was very nervous.

The moment that I pulled it out and I saw the feathers of one wing, my fingers went numb and my eyes were wide. I dropped it, only halfway out of the bag, still folded. I hadn’t even taken the time to unfold it and look at it. I just sat there, and began crying hard within seconds. I couldn’t even speak. I was bawling. I just started shaking my head and my hands, and at one point managed to sob an “I can’t,” before crying even harder and pulling Jillian in and wrapping my arms around her.

I underestimated her, or myself, I don’t know. But she clearly knew best. We should have recorded it. She said that she knew that it would be such an intense reaction that I could only do it sincerely.

I’m still in disbelief. I wouldn’t have ever expected this, and there’s nothing that could have been better. It is tailored to me, incomprehensibly flawless. The colors, shape, and number that I worship, all intertwined. I want to wear it everywhere, pinned to my clothes. It is draped above my bed when I sleep, and I quietly stare at it in the dark, wanting to cry all over again.

I know that there are a few mutual followers of mine that share my exact taste for these things, and I wanted to share.

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I’m dreaming of an eight-legged Christmas.
Christmas 2011.

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December 2011.

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December 2013.

The newest addition to the little family, and the only one in over a year and a half - you know how I love my B. smithis. She has been with me for just over a month. I got very lucky with her - she was a couple of towns away, being sold with a furnished 10 gallon tank, delivered to my doorstep for $50. The previous owner said that she likes to flick hair if you even look at her. Yet, the story is as it has always been, she’s been a highly underestimated sweetheart and exceedingly cooperative and calm. Handling her has been no trouble whatsoever, and she isn’t defensive in the slightest. She has become the favorite of my all-fearing aunt, who cradled Dementia in her arms, cooing about how much she liked her, and that we shouldn’t disturb her as she “softly dreams.”

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My collection is down to it’s lowest point since my first few months collecting. I am down to 14 tarantulas, and I’ve only gotten one new one in well over a year. A handful of males have matured and passed, a couple tarantulas went to a friend, and one was lost during a molt. There are a dozen of my favorite species that I no longer have. But because I had them before, it is not a simple matter of desire, it is of longing. This is a poor season to buy new tarantulas (simply for the shipping factor,) but I would like to begin looking again in the Spring, when my birthday happens to be.

Once I return from the store, I’ll take a picture of my newest addition, and a couple of Christmas pictures - per request. I wouldn’t say that I’m back, but I’m making a small appearance right now. :) I don’t have the same limitations and obstacles that I did before when I tried returning to Tumblr, so we’ll just see how this goes.


Faire Tease and myself.
Christmas 2011.

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I just want to thank you all - even the ones that aren’t online, or haven’t done anything. I am often astonished at how many people have not unfollowed me through countless months of absence and broken activity. It is only evident to some of the people that I follow, but I do get on Tumblr every day to scroll, browse, and check in on everyone. I’m never truly gone, if you need to get in touch.

But every time I do make an appearance again, I’m welcomed with open arms, and it really touches me. It means the world. Every like, reblog, message, every cute little tag you might leave, it all adds up and it makes a difference in my life. It makes me feel wonderful, and that significantly encourages being around more often.