Inspecting Deumore.
April 2012.

I honestly cannot communicate to you how much I love that lamp. I drooled over it for at least a couple months, multiple times a week, every time that I visited the store, before I got it on my birthday last year. It’s a sunlight magnifying lamp, and it’s incredible for inspecting tarantulas and molts, or any other creature that I have. Or pulling splinters, or looking at anything in bright and close light. I love it. So much.

I am still not certain whether Deumore is mature or not, and turned to the Arachnoboards for some input on it. I don’t know whether I will be keeping Deumore or not if he is already mature. I do not have a female available for him, and I do not know if I could get ahold of one in a timely enough manner, when I could sell him at his peak right now. He is my most difficult to decide over, because I do intend to breed A. versicolor, so I would just be forced to get a whole new male as well as a female in the future.

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